When you realize your already in the rage, how do you stop yourself?

Anger Control Issues

When you find yourself in a rage, it is very important to remove yourself from the situation or persons causing you to feel a loss of control. Explain that you need to be alone with your thoughts for a while and quickly extract yourself from the scene.

Once you are alone, it is important to carry on an internal dialogue and reason your way through your anger. Ask yourself the following questions:

1. Am I overreacting? What was it that made me so angry in the first place?

2. If I am overreacting, what can I do to calm down and look at the situation rationally?

3. Do I have unresolved issues that are contributing to my angry reaction? What are they? How do they play in the current situation?

4. What has getting angry accomplished in this situation?

Asking--and answering--these questions may go a long way towards helping you resolve some initial anger issues. If you have trouble controlling your anger, you should seek help through counseling, support groups or other forms of directed help. Don't try to cope on your own when there are plenty of interested parties that can help.

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When you realize your already in the rage, how do you stop yourself?

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