How do you deal with anger management therapy without getting angry?

Biting the Hand that Feeds: Seeking Help Without Angst

By Sheena H

When it comes to seeking psychological help, anger management is a touchy subject indeed. People who are struggling with controlling the amount of anger they feel inside are often reluctant to seek help. When they do consult someone for help, it can be difficult to receive constructive criticism, thus take in anything that the therapist verbally offers.

If you are a person struggling with managing your anger, you must accept the help that is available. You cannot get angry at the person(s) that is trying to help you better your life.They are only trying to teach you how to control and manage the anger that you feel inside. In most cases, there are factors in your life that upset and disturb you. These factors could be from your past, or occurring in the present. The anger management therapist you consult will have to bring these factors to the forefront. In the process, the therapist can make you angry, as he or she will force you to face the demons that plague you. The best way to handle this outrage and negative emotion is to prevent yourself from seeing the therapist as the enemy. It is not the person that is making you angry. It is what the therapist is forcing you to face, and this interaction between you and your problem will only better your life, leading you on a path toward a more peaceful and angst-free future.

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How do you deal with anger management therapy without getting angry?

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