What can I do when my child gets angry?

Teaching a Child to Deal with Angry Feelings

Anger can be an overwhelming feeling for a child. Kids tend to feel anger in a physical way that needs to be safely expressed. Teach your child that although it's okay to feel mad, it's not okay to hurt anyone else or hurt themselves. Instead, kids can try one of these alternatives:
- Punch a soft object, such as a pillow or teddy bear.
- Punch, squeeze, and pound some modeling clay.
- Find a source of paper that's okay to rip up, such as an old phone book or newspaper, and rip it up as fast as you can. Then race around the room getting all that ripped paper into the trash.
- Try a vigorous activity, such as running, doing jumping jacks, or shooting hoops.
- Use a marker and a big piece of paper to make furious angry scribbles.
- Ask mom or dad to help you find a safe place to yell loudly, such as in the car or in the garage.
- Write a very angry letter to the person who's making you mad. You might want to give the letter to this person later on so that they understand your feelings, or you might decide to destroy the letter by ripping it up.

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