Get Your Anger Under Control

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What are some tips to help me control my anger?

Get Your Anger Under Control

There are a lot of emotions; including anger. Anger can be a powerful emotion, and if not kept tame, it can quickly get out of control. You can damage and destroy relationships by letting your anger get the best of you. Learn some tips to help you manage your anger.

Excess anger is bad for your relationships; and possibly even more importantly, your health. If you do not get your anger under control, you can cause multiple problems for yourself that can be devastating. For some, it can even be deadly.

Some tips that can help you control your anger are:

Give yourself a timeout - If you find yourself getting upset and the anger is building, give yourself a timeout. Walk away from the situation, practice deep breathing techniques, calm yourself down, and relax. Before you put yourself back in the situation, get yourself as calm as you can and focus on the problem, rather than how angry you are.

Find a way to express your anger without getting angry - Keeping yourself calm, express your anger to whomever it is you are angry with. You can be assertive without flying off the handle and getting angry.

Find an outlet for your anger - When you find yourself getting angry, have an outlet in place you can do; such as, go for a run, go for a bike ride, but do something active. Exercise releases endorphins in your brain, which are natural mood enhancers and can help calm you down.

Collect your thoughts - Before you just spew the first thing that wants to come out of your mouth, take a few minutes to collect your thoughts. This way, what you say is planned, rather than spontaneous, which can lead to saying things you don't mean.

Work on a resolution - Take some time to figure out how the problem can be resolved. Rather than just getting angry over a situation, especially ones that may occur often, find a resolution to the problem. Such as; if your child never cleans up his room, come up with ideas on getting his room cleaned up, or close his door.

Forgive - Practice forgiveness. When someone does something wrong to you, practice forgiving rather than getting upset. The more you forgive, each time it will get easier. Start with smaller incidents and work up to being able to forgive for bigger mistakes or problems.

Use humor - Try to find the humor in everything. The more you laugh, the more less serious a problem will seem. Making light of a situation can help lessen the tension, and calm you down before you get to the boiling point. You will soon find that you can laugh easily at all types of situations.

The more you work at handling your anger, the more natural and easier it will be to keep calm. You will eventually find that you do not get upset and angry so quickly. And you will eventually be able to deal with tense and upsetting situations with ease. If you find you still anger easily and it gets out of control, seek the help of a professional to get your anger under control.



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